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Inside our life

A little look into what motivates us as wedding photographers. 
Beautiful, elegant and timeless wedding photography.

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1. Marriage

It takes commitment, effort, choice, sacrifice and the need to put each other first, but in return you get loved, a partner through it all, encouragement, endless fun, a confident….we could go on. It’s the best.

2. Parenthood

What a privilege to teach little people how to love and be loved. That’s our greatest job and honour.

3. Boy number 1.

Our Mr mini Bear Grylls, Cheeky and fearless.

4. Boy number 2.

Our Mr mini Bear Chills. Soft hearted and cuddly.

5. Travel

A mission to help celebrate what is good and a blessing.

6. Our family and friends

They are so important to us and we truly, truly adore them. They walk with us, they lift us up and they bless us, continually.

7. The beach and the view

It's where we live. We breathe it in and it makes us appreciate what we have. We never ever tire of it.

8. Food

We LOVE food. All of it, anytime.