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Why we love photographing weddings in Dorset. We see it as the most important job to help you celebrate your marriage.

Tom & Lizzie Redman. Dorset wedding photographers

Family. Friends. Food. Eggs Benedict on a Sunday morning. The smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked bread. Laughing so hard your face aches…some things in life are sooo good but some things make your world. 

To us, our people are our world and the relationships we have. And that includes marriage. It’s a total privilege. It should be enjoyed, made the most of, worked on and celebrated and photos help to do all that. They celebrate what you had, what you still have and what you want for your future. 

We believe it’s a skill to take them well. Especially on such an important day like your wedding when you are looking incredible and all your people are gathered. It takes the right eyes to spot the beautiful and sometimes subtle detail and the fleeting moments of tears and laughter that happen all at the same time. It takes an artist to capture it all exquisitely! 

We blend in to your day and document it, almost like guests.  We love light, natural, artistic and classically stylish images and we shoot to tell a story of your day. 

We see it as the most important job to help you celebrate your marriage and those around you, now and over the years to come. People make your world. Photos celebrate and encourage, and therefore invest in your future.