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What are you looking for in a photographer...

Attending a wedding sometimes makes you think about your own. If we were getting married again, there a few a things we would look for in a photographer. Having been on both sides of the camera, we really get it….and we know now what we would try to find….

- An artist who looks for beautiful things and ways to portray them with elegance and style.

- Two of them! – We actually had 2 but they were both guys. We’d have loved the luxury of having a guy and girl – we know now they see different things and it’s so lovely to have a girl with the girls in the morning and a guy with the guys!

- Pictures we fall in love with. Pictures that don’t just document every bit of your day, they catch moments that can’t be repeated. They notice and record the beautiful and sometimes subtle detail and every bit of effort put in; pictures that use the light intricately and portray everything in the best possible way; pictures that are truly beautiful.

- A connection. Someone we feel like we have known for years, someone who makes us feel relaxed - like a friend. Someone we feel like we can trust to get amazing photos, be unobtrusive, blend in and be part of the day, like a guest. Someone we really like to be around and have around.

- Understanding: Someone who gets the fact that I don’t really love having my photo taken and helps me see it’s not so bad. In fact, someone who makes me look great!

And, we want to feel like what we paid for was worth it!

If you can relate to any of this, do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.