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A foolish heart


Some people would say it's because I am pregnant that I cried all the way through the day….but I would say it's because the day was just so very beautiful and really got to me! There is something about relationships, something about family and the bond between people that gets me every single time. I so loved seeing the interaction between family and close friends and was so moved by it on their day. So I may have hid behind my camera as the tears plopped on to my arms and on to the floor. 

Warmth, metaphorically speaking, enveloped us as soon as we arrived at Hannah's house. We were included straight away in to a kind and loving home.  It was so obvious that today her family was celebrating Hannah and all that she has become: A beautiful, compassionate, motivated and loving woman, and today they celebrated the fact that she was marrying a man who truly deserved her. 

As the day unfolded, we witnessed a constant flow of encouragement, a love that showed appreciation and an understanding that we need to cherish each other. We saw it in Hannah's mum as she built Hannah up in those final moments before leaving for church; we saw it in Tim's face as his eyes fell on Hannah for the first time; we saw it in Hannah's dad and brothers as they sang a surprise rendition of 'You look wonderful tonight' over her as part of a speech and we saw it in the way the best men and friends spoke of how Tim is loved by so many.

The two families and the speeches reminded me again what marriage is about - as the song they walked out of church to says, being 'together forever through-ever whatever.' It reminded me that it is a journey that you commit to and one that you enjoy and tackle together - through it all. 

Maybe I do have a foolish heart, but that's o.k, because to me, this day represented what life is all about. To me, life is about our relationships; it's about each other; it's about people and how we serve them; how we invest and communicate and show what we feel. It's about how we love. Surely that's the most important thing?

Tim and Hannah, it really was a joy to witness and share your day. We are thankful that you asked us and we wish you every blessing as you begin your married life together. What a beautiful couple you are in every way.