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Sitting on the stairs, I surveyed the picture before me: 7 bags, 2 travel cots, 2 car seats, a buggy, all our camera equipment, 80 nappies, a tent, 2 screaming babies and sleep deprived Tom. We hadn't even loaded the car, let alone attempted the what would be 12 hour journey of 2 car trips, 20 mile walk through the airport, flight and last car journey and I wondered what on earth we were doing! 

Kelly is a quadruplet. (How cool is that?!) We had previously shot her sisters wedding in the UK and Kelly asked us if we would be willing to shoot her wedding in Porto in Portugal as it was very much a second home to them given their parents lived there. The wedding was set to be in the historical and picturesque city of Porto itself (the home of Port!) at the 5 star Yeatman Hoteloverlooking the Douro river. Our answer....urrrr let's think about that for, well, 1 second.....YES!! We worked out that the babes would be 8 months - a bit too young to leave - so we would just take them with us along with our gorgeous friends who could look after them for the day....with their 4 month old baby and 3 year old! Perfect! Little did we... or they know! 

But you know what, we 'd do it all again. Why? Because it was so amazing and such a treat to shoot a wedding in a different country. It was different, inspiring, incredibly beautiful and so much fun. And although going abroad with 2 babies is a bit of a mission, we did it and we also had our first family holiday. We experienced something beautiful for the first time and we are so grateful.

Dave and Kelly you are the most lovely, easy going and caring couple. It was a real pleasure and privilege to be with your family again Kelly and to meet yours Dave and be part of your day. Thank you so much for inviting us and for allowing us to experience it with you. We will never forget it and we had an absolute blast.

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