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Recent work from Dorset based wedding photographers, Tom & Lizzie Redman. 

The men


I love a man in a suit! Or should I say, I love a man in a well fitted suit!  (Tom says this is not him writing). Having written about the veil last time, we thought we should give the boys some attention! After all, they always look totally gorgeous dressed up in their full attire. The words dapper, smart, stylish, masculine, strong and ummmm well….sexy...I mean handsome come to mind. Sorry but it's true!  There is something so lovely about dressing smartly: I love the contrast between the suit and the gown, light and dark, feminine and masculine. I love how a suit can make a man stand tall and proud. 

Navy blue has been very popular this year - but to be honest, as long as it fits well, it doesn't matter whether it is tweed or any shade of black, blue or grey. They all look yum. We love to capture the groom looking his best - like in one of those perfume adverts! And we also love to capture him spending time with those that are so influential and important in his life. 

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