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To be a photographer


Someone asked me the other day, 'don't you ever get bored with your job? - you know, the same routine, seeing the same day and the same things?' answer was a very bold NO. Absolutely not. Why? Well today was a perfect example of why. 

There of course many many reasons why...but one of them is that no wedding is ever the same. I really love beautiful things...I Iove shoes and flowers, I love beautiful dresses and lace, I love a well fitted suit on a man and the striking difference and distinction of light and dark - a suit and a dress. I love meeting people and witnessing them celebrate what's good about life! A wedding has all of that! Before a wedding, I genuinely feel excited about what I might see and today, oh my goodness me, the people were gorgeous and the choices made were simply DIVINE. I walked around with hearts in my eyes all day! Ha ha. 

The flowers, the venue, the bridesmaid dresses, the bow ties, the car, badminton on the lawn, easy listening, perfect background goes on and on. A combination that was just glorious! And the fact that we get to create images to show it all off is why I never get bored. I love creating something beautiful to help remember. To me that's an art. There can be emotion and power in images and they can hold stories which instigate and stimulate conversation and make us feel something. To me, being an author and creator of them is nothing short of an honour and a pleasure.


Lex and Cal, you made us love our job that much more. You are why we love what we do. A beautiful day with a beautiful couple committing to and celebrating something we whole heartedly believe in. What a wonderful day. Thank you for having us and huge congratulations to you both. We wish you the very very best for your future. 

Lizzie x

Dress:            Martina Liana
Venue:           The Lamar Tree
Stationary:     Tony Bower Print
Music:           FairVue
Flowers:        Foster Shaw

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