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Precious people


This weekend marks the end of wedding season for us in its full, weekly capacity - I can honestly say that we have absolutely loved all our couples and have had a brilliant time. But, there is no better way to finish the season and round it all up than with the wedding of amazing friends like Bob and Tabi - it felt like a grand finale or a massive after show party! We all had an absolute blast!

Having spent the run up hours with Tabi and her family, I arrived at the church in Bath to see everyone seated, waiting in anticipation for the total treasure, the absolute beauty that was to walk through the doors. I scanned the room and saw it full of people that we truly truly adore. This was set to be a good day! The fact that Bob and Tabi chose to include as many people as they could (around 350!) at their wedding over a picturesque, sometimes number limiting venue is an absolute testament to their characters. People - friends and family and of course their faith is what they value most above everything else and that was written in to the design and workings of their day. They kept it simple: photos and festoon lighting decorated the church they used for their reception, a black and white dance floor and photo booth for maximum fun and the best way to feed lots of people: a hog roast at stations - genius! They even had allocated rooms to allow children to sleep - simply because they wanted to include everyone. 

They love people. They are interested, they love, they choose to learn from others and they invest. They are true encouragers. They are the kind of people that make you feel so loved when in their company. They listen and they value what you have to say. For the best man's speech, Bob's brothers Sam and Joel secretly asked friends and family in a Facebook group to give them 3 words that best describe Bob. I couldn't hold back the tears as I read the responses; it was overwhelming - words of adoration, respect and love poured in. In fact, no less that 62 adjectives (I quote Sam) were used to describe him….although 'bombay mix' is not an adjective! And as Sam rightly said, not only do we see all those qualities in Bob, we also see them in Tabi. She is totally amazing in her own right! And she is also absolutely beautiful and looked truly incredible. Together they make the most beautiful, genuine, loving and kind couple and we love them so dearly.

We are full to the brim with gratitude that our job enables us to capture such treasured moments for these two. What an honour. Quite a few people on the day expressed their excitement to see all that there is to come for these two. We second that. We are so proud of you already Bob and Tabi and so excited by all that you two will be. You are precious people to so many, but then, on behalf of us all at your wedding, we also know we are precious to you.

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