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A good year


Bob is one of Tom's best friends. From the age of 4, Tom, Bob and his twin brother Sam have got up to all kinds of mischief: one of my most favourite acts is the ingenious and well planned timing of their visits to different houses on a Sunday in order to get 3 roast dinners in. They have grown up side by side. Such long term friendship is rare and I know how much they all value it. Tom adores Bob, and even though I have known him for significantly less time, so do I. It is hard not to adore him as I am sure many of you who know him would agree! 

Just over a year ago, I sat chatting with Bob over a coffee about the challenges of singleness: about trying to embrace it despite so wanting to meet someone. And then, either later that same day or the next, Tabi entered his world through a mutual friend who recognised that these 2 should meet! As the saying goes, the rest is history. Everything changed over night. Tabi is beautiful, down to earth and very lovely. She is everything he could have hoped for and more. Bob drove to Bristol to take her on a first date and they knew, even at such an early stage, that something felt different. Six months later, Bob asked her to marry him. Both Bob and Tabi share a strong faith and although the saying 'a match made in heaven' is cliché, it's true. So true. 

I think these two are an encouragement to people who so long to meet someone but haven't yet. As with Bob and Tabi, it can change over night. I know it doesn't always happen like that, but sometimes it does. It did for me, it did for these two, it will do for others. I love that.

On Saturday, just over a year after that first meeting, Bob and Tabi get married. We are so so excited and just cannot wait to celebrate with them. I am destined to blub. Waterproof mascara will be packed!

6 more sleeps you two gorgeous people!! 6 more sleeps.

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