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Downton-esque glamour


I love England. There are many reasons why: one of them is the history that oozes out of much of the land. One marker of this is the grand and very historical English country houses and Huntsham Court is one of these! Built in 1868, quite literally for a new bride whose parents didn't believe the house she had was good enough, it's elegance and grandeur made me think I was on the set of Downton Abbey crossed with a designer boutique hotel. It sits in the heart of Devon and it's grandeur is glorious! Jim and Claire had the majority of their guests staying at the house with them for a full weekend of celebrations. Their wedding day started with some archery on the lawn and ended with dancing until the wee hours - with no one telling them to stop the music! For this weekend, the house was theirs! 

Jim and Claire met 5 years ago on the Great Wall of China! Having had a serious health scare, Jim wanted to give something back to those that had helped him and so took part in a sponsored walk - along the Great Wall, which is where he met Claire. Since then, they have lived in Delhi for 18 months and Jim has taken part in a year long round the world Clipper Yacht race. Not exactly a boring life so far! They both suffer from, I quote 'FOMO' (fear of missing out!) and so fill their lives with as much as they can. I could have sat there, listened and asked endless questions all day as we had a pre-engagement shoot coffee. I was completely engrossed in all their stories!

Claire is beautiful. In the time we have spent with them, we experienced first hand, her warmth, kindness and fun. And this girl has style! She looked absolutely incredible. 

And Jim... Jim makes me laugh! He is cheeky, he is a joker and he loves a bit of fun! He said he would NEVER get married!... And then Claire walked in to his life! His huge heart, his gratitude for life and his appreciation for those who are close to him came across so strongly in his speech. It was so funny, yet in more ways than one, from the depths of his heart.

Together they are adventure. Together they are life at it's fullest. Open to all that life holds, their adventure has only just begun. 

What an absolutely incredible day. A truly gorgeous couple, in an incredible house in beautiful Devon with very lovely, welcoming family and friends. What more could a photographer ask for? This was a good day! A very good day!

Thank you for having us Jim and Claire and all the family. You are totally brill and we loved every bit.

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