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He waited


Love is a funny thing. For some, falling in love happens quickly and for others it happens over time. For Steve and Tiff, their relationship began 7 years a go, but for 6 and half years of that, they were only friends. Although a spark was lit in the early days, distance and careers stalled it for a while. But Steve knew. And he waited. And today, they celebrate a marriage - built on the strong foundations of friendship and security. Love is a beautiful thing, no matter where it comes from.

I arrived at Tiff's lovely family home ready to take on bridal prep! Tom usually starts off with me before heading to the boys, but today, I was on my own. And it was a dream! Not because Tom wasn't there (!) but because it was easy to take photos! I loved her choices. The girls looked totally gorgeous and glamorous in blue and Tiff looked divine in a satin gown and the most delicate cathedral veil. She just looked beautiful and so did her girls. 

Tiff has spent the last 5 years living in Uganda and so the fact they chose Woburn Safari Park for their venue was so fitting and really quite brilliant! I don't really expect to see giraffes and elephants when shooting a wedding but I did today! In keeping with the African theme, colour was important and the room was decorated with coloured lanterns and tables were named after African animals. 

Both Tiff and Steve have experienced first hand how hard life can be sometimes, but today we saw all that is good and all that brings such joy. They are surrounded by goodness; they are so loved, so supported, so encouraged and are so deserving of it all. Today is the start of a new life together and one that is built on unity and strong foundations.

We are so excited for you Steve and Tiff and have loved all the time we spent with you. Thank you for asking us to help you remember this incredibly important day. You are both such beautiful people. We wish you many blessings for your adventure together. x

Tom Redman