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Little paper boats sat on top of the wedding cake and at place settings on the tables at Floral Media near Southwell. The table plan, a nautical chart, indicated different places Theo and Georgie have sailed and these names could be found on the sails of boats on the tables. This theme represented how they met and the passion they share together: sailing.

Beautiful Georgie held tightly to her husband to be as they said their vows in church. Their excitement for each other was so evident. Georgie, wearing a stunning lace, backless gown also wore the hugest, most radiant smile on her face. 

On countless occasions, I watched this appreciation for life and warmth for people pour out of Georgie and Theo for all those they loved. They clung to friends and family and I watched them both encourage and love others. There is something really special about these two. They literally exude a love and passion for life, for each other and for their friends and family. They love and they are loved. That, to me, is the greatest thing in life. 

In a beautiful poem Theo's mum composed and read out, she bid her son and his new wife 'farewell.' Her words were chosen carefully: As his mum, she was saying 'farewell' or goodbye to this chapter of his life as he sails a different sea now but also she was saying 'may you fare well' -  from one seafarer to another, may they journey and go well as they begin their voyage together. As keen sailors and for Theo, a skipper, a writer and photographer for Yachting Monthly, this kind greeting was so very apt for the both of them. 

Theo summed up what he loves about Georgie - her faith, her love for life, her groundedness - but I saw all these things in both of them. And I saw utter joy...

We absolutely loved getting to know you both, being part of your journey and helping you to remember it so far. What an absolute privilege. Thank you for having us.

Tom Redman