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Dancing through the years


Knowing in my own mind the words that I could use to describe Jim and Hannah and their day, I asked Tom what came to his mind. His words were identical to mine: fun and laughter, cheekiness and banter. In a poem Hannah composed and read out in the speeches, she described how she knew they would 'dance through the years.' They are companions, they enjoy so much together and have so much in common. They laugh and have fun and their day was a testament of this.

Sitting on the red double decker bus on our way to Sopley Mill, munching packets of crisps and drinking Gin and Tonic, Jim's cheeky jokes could be heard and laugher soared through the bus. Hannah sat chatting to her guests, looking absolutely radiant and totally stunning. After a lovely service at St Mary's in Poole, their day was well underway! 

Sopley Mill looked beautiful. On arrival, guests drank Pimms out of jam jars with stripy straws and enjoyed the sounds of an acoustic guitar against the flowing water through the mill. Old fairground games were played on the lawn and guests sat on hay stacks. Huge paella pans were being prepped under a little marquee. Up the stairs on the top floor, the room which was set for dinner had been dressed with tin cans full of flowers hanging from the beams. The tables were covered with flowers in jars on logs and the table and place names and gifts for the guests - all matching and so gorgeous and vintage looking. 

The detail included reflected their characters: Sunflowers could be seen all through the wedding - so sunny and bright; tables were named after different knots because of their love for sailing; blown up pictures in fake frames of Jim doing ridiculous things were found all around the dance floor!  It was relaxed, yet organised, fun and cheeky, yet tear jerking and moving. A perfect balance.

And this day was so telling of many days to come: with quotes from Forest Gump and Homer Simpson, a song rehearsed and performed for Hannah by Jim and his best men, we know these two will get the most out of life. They will laugh and hold it all lightly, together. It was a beautiful day and so lovely to be part of. And the paella was DELISH! 

Thank you for asking us to capture your day Jim and Hannah. You are so fun to be around and are such lovely people and we wish you a lot of love as you begin this new chapter together. 

Tom Redman