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Shakespeare's Sonnet: The marriage of true minds


Anna's disposition was calm and collected from the minute we walked in to the bridal suite of the East Close hotel in Christchurch on the edge of the New Forest. Having been asked a few times if she was ok, probably because it is known to be a nerve wracking day, especially to start with, her response was the same - she wasn't nervous at all. I asked her later if she ever got nervous and she confirmed she did, but today she felt total calm. 

In the ceremony, Shakespeare's sonnet was read out: 'Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.'

These words speak of love that doesn't diminish with changes or ups and downs. Perhaps for Anna, on the smaller scale too. She was calm because there was no need to get nervous. She saw it that this was everything she wanted. No nerves needed, no nerves felt.

Anna and Neil put so much thought into their day. The absolute elegance in the detail, the beautiful gifts on the table for the children, the slot frame with wooden hearts to record the thoughts of those they adore, the drinks token inside the order of service. I love seeing what a couple choose to do and I loved their thoughtful choices! 

This day solidified everything that Anna and Neil already have together. They celebrated one of the most beautiful things in life: love. This day was a marriage of true minds. Neil and Anna, you are thoughtful and loving and you make a beautiful couple.

Tom Redman