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When life is so busy...

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I have been so awful at blogging goes so fast and gets so full that it’s hard to fit everything in - as I am sure you understand! There is so much we haven’t shown yet that we want to share with you so look out for it all over the next few weeks. 

In all the busyness, it’s weirdly on an engagement shoot that we are able to stop a bit and actually look around and really notice where we live! As we hang out, chat and scout out shots and places that would work for a photo, our eyes look up and around and observe. When you are anywhere with toddlers, (especially toddler twins and our little boys!) eyes remain on them because if they don’t, one ends up behind a beach kiosk helping them self to ice cream! But on an engagement shoot, our attention has to be on where we are. We get to watch and look and breathe in the most beautiful places. We live in an area of spectacular natural beauty and when the sun is out, low and stunning, even better! 

Check these out...what an awesome shoot. And that dress 😍🙌🏼❤️ We can’t wait for your wedding guys. We know it will be a stunner! Tom and Caro will marry really soon at Warborne Farm near Lymington.