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The Elegance of England

St Giles House wedding Dorset

England. What comes to mind when you hear that word? What words fill your head? I remember watching the film. ‘Three Men and a lady’ where Tom Selleck and his batchelor mates visit England to attend and attempt to stop the wedding of the woman he loves. There is a scene where he drives a mini across green fields inhabited by hundreds of sheep. Perhaps this picture of England is a little stereotypical…but it’s also true! England to me is green and lush. Our rain makes sure of that! It is steeped in history and it exhibits its elegant country mansions and incredible gardens in every county. I am a devoted National Trust member and fan! I love the old English cobbled street towns and the beautiful, historical grand stately houses. I love visiting them and if possible, hiring a set of head phones so that I can listen to what it all used to be like and imagine living there 200 years ago. I am a Downton Abbey, period drama girl and I am a sucker for elegance and romance. That’s what inspires me and it’s one of the things that inspires our photography too.

So, you will totally see that this wedding day was an absolute dream for me. I was living the Downton life! I spent the day in the most perfect, old English house - the house of the Earl of Shaftesbury in fact, taking photos of an incredibly romantic, loving couple who looked utterly divine in outfits that fitted in flawlessly against the backdrop! The history of St Giles House dates back to the 16th Century and is truly fascinating. It has since been home to many generations of Earls. Nicholas, the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury and his family are now owners and residents. You can read more about the incredible stories of the house and the generations of families who lived there here. 

Olly and Suzi have impeccable taste. Both so beautiful inside and out, Suzi knows what she wants and I really admire her for that. She is focused and clear, yet kind and so warm with it. Olly is down to earth, lovely and very genuine. It was such a pleasure to shoot their wedding and to spend some time at St Giles House with them. Thank you for having us guys. We completely loved it and are in love with your pictures - mostly because of the people in them, the choices made and the stunning setting. (Sorry, (not sorry) to love our own work :) )

See all the details of what Suzi chose below. 

Venue: St Giles House
Florist: Emily at Hill View Flowers
Make up: Ayeisha Chalk
Dress design: Pronovias
Hair:  Amazing Face
Bridessmaid dresses: ASOS bridal
Suit: D&G
Cake: Fancie Buns
Wedding planner: Olly and Suzi
Caterer: Beales Gourmet