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Set Up to Win


I sat in the car next to Tom on the way home from Chelmsford and we pondered and reflected on Ross and Julia’s wedding, the first one of the season. A few things really stuck out to us so much that I think they are worth sharing.

It is not often that at weddings, we hear people being totally honest about marriage and how they are headed for both the highs and of course the lows. It was our own wedding anniversary last week. We have been married 9 years and although we have a great marriage and are incredibly grateful for each other, it takes effort and work. We know that so often, love and how you love is a choice. We were struck by the honesty that came through in a number of key people's speeches. They didn't pretend that it was always going to be easy and plain sailing. Instead, they rejoiced with them in the total blessing of marriage and also wisely and honestly advised about the inevitable harder days that would at some point come, as they do for all of us. We loved that. 

Another beautiful thing that was shown at the wedding was Ross and Julia's faith. Steadfast is another word for committed, faithful, true, constant, dedicated and loyal and it’s the word that was used to describe Ross by his friends. His best man described in his speech how Ross is steadfast in friendship, but also in faith and how this quality derived from his strong faith in God. He described how both Ross and Julia share an incredibly rooted, committed faith in Jesus who is the truest example of steadfastness. 

Honesty and steadfastness speak of qualities that set a marriage up to win. It will inevitably be filled with such joy and laughter but it's these qualities that will help it to not just survive, but flourish in the harder times too. 

We wish you every blessing in your marriage guys. It has been such a privilege to get to know you and to walk with you. Even in that short time, you have beautifully impacted us. May you go on to do that to many more people in the years to come. Julia, I am also a Friends fanatic and I am so happy for you that you found your Ross! Ross, she’s hotter than Rachel :) Like your dad said, may this be the day that you loved each other the least. 

Ross and Julia got married at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, the home of V festival.  Julia looked totally incredible in La Sposa from Mirror Mirror Bridal Boutique. She was complemented by her bridesmaids wearing NABBD and her stunning flowers by Jade Flower Design. Julia and her maids all had hair done by Carly Williams and Makeup by Bride Beautiful. The very beautiful stationary was done by Harriet de Winton. The delicious food was provided by Milsom Catering and was accompanied by the String Quartet City String Ensemble and the evening band was Buddhalicious. |