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My people big and small


For many years, I have watched my Facebook fill up with babies and children’s faces, and now I have joined the club. My status updates are now full of squidgy faces and first smiles. I am aware of not over doing it and bombarding people with my own kiddies because I know what it feels like to be someone waiting…I could write a whole massive blog on that….maybe I will another time. But today, now that these gifts have arrived, I want to take a moment to appreciate them; to say thank you; to tell the world how utterly grateful we are. 

People are lovely. They like to ask how I am doing it… you know - with two! Some make comments like ‘double the trouble’ or ‘you’ve got your hands full.’ There may be some truth in that, but you know what, I am grateful and I love it. Yes it is hard work, but I get to be a mum and I will never, ever take that for granted. I may not be able to blog as much at the moment and I may not text back straight away or reply to friend’s emails very quickly, but that’s ok. Because I feel like I have been given two presents that you don’t get bored of. Two presents that keep changing. Two presents that amaze me every day. 

I want to say thank you today to all the beautiful people in our lives who have loved us, prayed for and supported us and who now love these two little boys with us. Thank you. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: people make your world. Not things or possessions or houses or anything else. People make your world and I am thankful for my people. Big and small. 

Lizzie x