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High school sweethearts


Lianne and David have been together for 6 years, since the age of 15. They have grown up together and this day launched them in to a new era. 

And it was such a beautiful day - from the ceremony in our own church to the reception at The Three Tuns in Bransgore: a venue bursting with character. Lianne has incredible taste....and I'm not just talking about David! She looked simply incredible.  Her dress!!! I sobbed as she walked down the aisle and so did David...and a few other people!...Or maybe lots of people. It was partly David's fault for getting us all going with his own tears of gratefulness and total adoration but it was also because she walked down the aisle to the same tune I did. We were gobsmacked when we found out they had chosen this tune, because we have never heard it used since our own wedding 7.5 years ago. (Even Tom had a tear or 3!) And for it to be used by somebody special to me was very emotional! 

As you can see from her dress, Lianne has incredible taste and every little detail of the wedding she poured her heart into and made herself, including the stunning cake! Everything was done to perfection and it really was totally perfect. 

Funny, cheeky, kind and so faithful, David compliments beautiful Lianne who is warm, generous and incredibly loving. Together they are humble, easy going and so very lovely. It was both an honour and privilege to photograph David asking his girl to marry him, an engagement session and the wedding too. From the question to the send off, we have loved every minute.

David and Lianne, you are so loved and we are just so excited for you and your future. Thank you for asking us to to capture every step and thank you for letting us journey with you along the way.

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