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Love starts with a toothbrush!


I don't know if you have ever listened to the song 'Toothbrush' by Brad Paisley? Tom and I have a soft spot for a bit of country music and Tom is a cheeky character who loves cheeky songs. Play this song around Tom and the smile spreads across his face...and let's just say he also can't resist a little jig! It is such a fun, joyful song about life and how everything that's anything starts as a little thing. I love the first few lines...

Love starts with a toothbrush,
A Bic razor and a Dixie cup
A little splash of aftershave,
Before you leave for that first date

Leo apparently played it to Amy in the early days of their relationship and it's stuck as 'their song'. We knew we absolutely adored Leo and Amy from the very first meeting and when they had this song as their first dance it sealed our approval and even further boosted our affection for them! It totally reflects their characters; they are fun, full of joy and so so easy to laugh and chat with - which is pretty much all we did through out their engagement shoot. 

As I listened to Amy describe her wedding to me on that summer evening - I felt myself getting more and more excited! She was going for a 40's look and feel to the day which is one of my favourite eras! I love the polka dot dresses and the red lipstick and roller curls. I love the music of the era, the femininity and style. 
And on the day, Amy really pulled it off! A mixture of 40's styling and fun, fresh ideas made for a perfect day and an absolute treat to the eye! The attention to detail was stunning - from her shoes to the favours, the absolutely stunning order of the day to the table plan. It was just beautiful.

Amy and Leo, everything about our journey with you, from the very first meeting to all the emails and the engagement shoot, to the wedding itself and editing it, we loved. You are a gorgeous, infectious couple and it was our absolute pleasure to journey with you and help you remember your wedding for the rest of your lives. You are the best. We wish you such joy in your marriage and in the future.

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