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Perth to Kimmeridge

Dorset wedding photographers Smedmore House

What is it about where you live that you love? For me, it's the serenity and openness of the beach and the sea. One of my lovely friends and her family moved down to Bournemouth from Watford at the beginning of the year and I asked her the other day what she thought of her first summer living here. She said in so many words that it had blown her away. I knew why but I asked anyway and she replied, 'because it's really freeing to live somewhere so open and beautiful. I get to breathe it in and soak it up everyday.' 

Dorset is home for us. And, despite the fact that Lily and Joe live in beautiful Perth in Australia, Dorset is home for them too …why wouldn’t they want to get married here! Joe grew up near to Kimmeridge Bay and so Smedmore House was the most perfect choice. I stood in the beautiful little archway to the old English country house gardens and looked down through the valley to the sea. I honestly never ever get bored of the view - the blue sea set against a lighter blue sky. Amongst the business and demands of every day life, it always makes me stop and remember to breathe and appreciate what I have. I love it. 

That view and this wedding took my breath away. On every wedding day, my eyes soak up the beauty. I love flowers and dresses and a lovely table setting. I love stationary and shoes and a well fitted suit. Everything about this wedding was utterly stunning and fed my obsession with beautiful things. From the outdoor ceremony to the dresses - Lily designed her dress because she couldn’t find one that was everything she wanted. And OH MY GOODNESS!!! She looked totally and utterly incredible. The flowers by Daisey Lee were divine and covered the venue. Lily’s bouquet made my jaw fall open. We had an absolute field day with our cameras and loved every minute.

I do have to be a bit careful not to get too enthusiastic on the day because I must sound like I’m crazy! Sorry Lily and Joe if my enthusiasm ever went too far but I’m also not sorry. :) It was your fault for making your day so darn beautiful. Thank you so much for choosing us. You are a lovely, calm, gorgeous, hospitable couple and it was so good to meet you, spend time with you and capture your day for you.