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Lizzie missed a corker!

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It was a beautiful day in October. I sat on the beach sporting an incredibly large belly and my phone pinged with new picture messages from Tom. I knew that if he was sending me pictures, and this many of them, he was either living it up or loving what he was seeing. I think to be honest it was both! I opened the pictures, and my goodness me, I could see why! In fact, even though it was my birthday and I had the day off because I was practically due to give birth, I felt jealous because I wanted to be with Tom, taking photos!

Tori and Jake’s wedding was an absolute dream. I mean it really really was. They had chosen to get married on the land her uncle owned in the New Forest which gave them free reign to do whatever they liked. The garden of the house was tiered and they used each level for something different. The top level had a huge clear roofed marquee for the dancing in the evening, the middle level, another one for the afternoon reception, and the bottom had an incredible yurt for them to stay in. Oh and then the yurt gin bar by the house (I mean check that out!). With it all surrounded by festoon, they created a wedding wonderland and made one of the best bespoke venues we have ever seen. The flowers and the design in all of the detail were so truly stunning, as was the late October sunshine which helped make the day utterly perfect. And so did how gorgeous and lovely Jake and Tori are. 

As I marvelled at the pictures Tom had sent, loving Tori’s taste and the fact that she was totally on trend, I realised how much I love my job. I missed Tom and I missed shooting that day because it was an absolute corker. But my absence was for a very good reason - the best reason as our little baby girl was born just 2 weeks later. 

Thank you so much to our beautiful friend and colleague, Camilla Arnhold Photography for stepping in and covering me, not just on that day but on 3 others too. You are THE BEST. 

And thank you Tori and Jake for being so loving, trusting and accepting that half of what you booked couldn’t be there! You trusted us and you were so kind. Your day was one Tom (and I) will never forget, for lots of reasons. It was incredible. Thank you for having us. We totally loved it. 

Venue: Marlin Marquee
Florist: Arcade Flower
Make up: Tori
Dress design: Laure de Sagazan from The Mews Bridal
Hair:  Laura Mackenzie
Bridesmaid dresses: H&M
Suit: Bespoke from Dress 2 Kill
Wedding planner: Jake & Tori
Caterer: Ginger Catering
Evening Band: BB3